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The 6 teeth-whitening myths a dentist wants you to stop believing

Uploaded July 25, 2017 “If you’re keen to get a set of pearly whiter-than-whites, Dr Luke Cronin, a practicing dentist has some advice he wants you to heed before expecting (and getting!) the smile of your dreams… starting with the myths about this cosmetic practice you need to stop believing. Like, now. “I can’t get whitening because I have […]

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Horrifying pictures show what going to the dentist used to be like

Uploaded July 20, 2017 Harrowing pictures are still shocking to look at (Picture: News Dog Media) “Getting people to go to the dentist sometimes feels like pulling teeth – but things used to be much, much, worse. Dentistry has come a long way since the gory days of teeth extraction in the 1800s. These pictures, […]

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Gray Seal Gets a Visit from the Dentist

Uploaded July 18, 2017 “Why does Gunther need dental radiographs? When we ask our gray seals to open their mouths on cue, we can see what their teeth look like on the outside, but we can’t see if there are possible cavities or anything wrong with the roots. It’s important for all of our animals […]

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Going To The Dentist Could Become Less Painful

Uploaded July 13, 2017 View original article here

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Scared of the dentist? Virtual reality could be the solution

Uploaded July 11, 2017 “Even if you don’t have a full-on phobia of the dentist, having someone stick their latex-clad fingers and a variety of metal implements into your gob is hardly the nicest way to spend an afternoon. You’ll therefore be pleased to hear the news that there may be a (fairly surprising) way […]

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